Tiger’s apology still leaves him in woods

Christine Burroni

At 11 a.m. on Friday, faithful fans and followers of Tiger Woods tuned in to watch his news conference, wich lasted roughly 15 minutes. Throughout this time, he admitted and apologized for the now infamous scandal, saying, “I had affairs” and “I cheated.” He also reviewed what has happened in his life, starting with his Thanksgiving Day car crash.

In this short and direct statement, Woods named specific people he wanted to apologize to, including his wife, other important people in the room and his fans. With an apparent tear in his eye, he took the blame for all of what has occurred in these last few months.

Hoping to get those endorsements back? Probably. Desperately trying to mend his ruined reputation? Most definitely.

I guess the only remaining question is: Does a news conference make everything OK and does a public apology erase the past? I don’t think so. The conspicuous actions that he committed were not by accident. They were intentional, and in my mind and most definitely in the minds of others, they were unforgivable.

Understanding his prestigious and prominent role in the golf world, I can see why his loyal fans would accept this apology. Unbiased non-golfers, however, see his situation differently. This is not an addiction or terrible family tragedy. This is something he chose to do, and committed on his own: adultery. And no matter how many times he says that he’s sorry, any self-respecting person knows that something like that is irreparable.

Being on Woods’ side because of his great golf game is completely ignorant. His achievements on the golf course and his world fame do not exempt him from any of his recent actions. It certainly cannot hide or compensate for what he has done. Blindly siding with Tiger makes you just as ignorant as him, and regardless of his public statement Friday morning, apologizing doesn’t always make everything better, especially something as significant as this.

Unfortunately, Woods is just one of many athletes in recent years to have such a scandal revealed. Even more unfortunate is the fact that these athletic figures are role models to the youth of today. One thing I do give Woods credit for is mentioning that he is fully aware of the fact that he is indeed a role model and has not only set a poor example, but he has completely let his followers down.

In this news conference, he admitted that apologetic words will not repair things with his wife. Only his future behavior and actions (like maybe staying faithful?) will repair their relationship. At the same time, this is the only thing that will repair his once prestigious, good-guy reputation.

I commend Woods for publicly taking responsibility for his actions. However, he is a long way away from things ever returning to normalcy. He will be forever associated with his adulterous actions and he has essentially damaged his reputation forever.

Sorry Tiger.

You deserve it.

Screen grab via The Big Lead.