Bobcat Bucket List

Ryan Miller

So, you’ve made it to Quinnipiac. Congrats, but now what? The Quinnipiac community offers some great experiences you’ll be sure you don’t want to miss. Here are just a few to try to cross off your list before graduation.

  1.       Hike the Giant: What better way to open your eyes to all of Quinnipiac’s beautiful campus than an aerial view from the Sleeping Giant State Park. Freshly re-opened following a 2018 storm, how much closer can you want such a fun attraction than a walk across the street? There are several trails available for unique experiences and levels of difficulty. A popular choice is the tower trail which isn’t as strenuous as its view is rewarding. Hopefully you brought hiking shoes.
  2.       See an ice hockey game: Our Bobcats have their opponents skating on thin ice when they come to play at the Frank Perrotti Jr. Arena at People’s United Center. With both the men’s and women’s teams coming off of great seasons, the student section is sure to be rocking. The school’s pep band sets the tone with fan favorite “Tequila” and before you know it, you’ll be right on beat chanting QU-BOBCATS. Lastly, keep an eye out for cool giveaways. Boomer the Bobcat camo hats anyone?
  3.       Hang out on the Quad: Whether you’re trying to catch a tan or a football, you have to take advantage of our pristine quad. There is no better feeling than sitting on a blanket on the grass having a snack or chatting with friends. Need to be a little more active than that? No problem, spike ball sets are popping up left and right if you’re up for the challenge.
  4.       See a Quinnipiac theater production: Located just a shuttle stop away on Sherman Avenue, our Black Box Theater serves as the host to several productions each year. Each semester a major production is put on and tickets go fast. Who wouldn’t want to see the final product when groups of students collaborate from all different walks of campus including set design, music, stage crew, actors and more!
  5.       Visit the North Haven Campus: For some students this is a daily occurrence, for others it’s a hidden gem. With lecture space to accommodate large crowds, the campus sometimes hosts guest speakers such as filmmaker Sky Bergman who screened her documentary “Lives Well Lived” there last fall. Don’t worry about getting hungry either, the North Haven cafeteria accepts meal plan and the bookstore accepts Q Cash. Before your time at QU ends, you should get out to our other campus to see for yourself that the grass truly is just as green on the other side.
  6.       Watch a movie in the Ed McMahon screening room: With an entire catalogue of DVDs at your fingertips to rent through the library, you are in movie-viewing heaven. You can make a night of it with some friends and reserve the space for a private showing. Dorm room TVs are a bit limited in size, but this huge screen and state of the art sound system will have you feeling like you’re right alongside your favorite characters on screen.
  7.       Visit New Haven: Another convenient shuttle route, New Haven has something for all kinds of Bobcats. For those who like hitting the club and those who do not, something you can find in common is great pizza at Yorkside. If you want to visit stores, the shops at Yale includes Urban Outfitters, Patagonia, the Apple Store and more minutes away once you get off the shuttle.

8.       Attend a campus concert experience: With no shortage of talent in the past few years, QU doesn’t play around when it comes to music. From the Plain White T’s to Khalid, AJR to Kesha and Blackbear to Jason Derulo, Bobcats are sure to roar at both Fall Fest and Wake the Giant. With prices that can’t be beat and the convenience of not even leaving campus, all Bobcats should be excited to see which star rocks Hamden next.