‘4U’ QU

Alexis Guerra

The Giant will be awoken by a blackbear’s roar this spring.

[media-credit name=”Photo courtesy of Quinnipiac Student Programming Board” align=”alignright” width=”199″][/media-credit]After much anticipation, The Student Programming Board (SPB) announced the Wake the Giant performers at the #WTG19 Reveal Party on Monday, Feb. 25. Rapper Blackbear will be headlining the show with opening act Bryce Vine.

The reactions to the announcement ranged from grumbles of disapproval to roars of excitement.

“I think that they chose a good artist,” sophomore journalism student Kim Kerremans said. “I’m a fan of Blackbear so I’m pumped to see him and the special guest Bryce Vine is awesome. I think it fits the category that SPB chose perfectly.”

The eagerly anticipated announcement began with some technical difficulties. After 15 minutes of suspense, SPB Mainstage Chair Olivia Morgan asked for the attention of the impatient crowd gathered in the piazza to the screen above the fireplace.

The anticipation grew as the SPB’s promo video for the artists began. Finally, a clip from Blackbear’s music video for “do re mi” played followed by the music video for “Drew Barrymore” by Bryce Vine. Some of the students in attendance were familiar with the music videos played but not the artists themselves.

“I knew the songs played in the video but I didn’t really know the names of the people that are coming,” senior ELMPA major Megan Bongardt said. “I guess I’m excited but I wish it was more of like a festival or event, not just a concert.”

For those also unfamiliar, Blackbear is a rapper and producer who has collaborated with many big names, such as Justin Bieber, G-Eazy and Childish Gambino. His latest release includes singles titled “1 SIDED LOVE” and “miracles.” The Florida native also became one of the first independent artists to monetize streaming on SoundCloud, according to Billboard Magazine.

“[The performers] have been easy to work with and helpful,” Morgan said. “Especially if we need clarification or just need things approved because obviously, it’s their image and their brand so we want to make sure it gets approved and if it what they want but they’ve been really helpful and kind to us.”

Both performers fall under the genre of rap, which aligns with the students’ interest this year, according to SPB’s campus-wide survey. Each year during the fall semester, SPB sends out a survey which helps the organization know what kind of performer the students would be interested in. SPB is also planning on making this Wake the Giant even more interactive than the last.

“The performers definitely fit the genre that [the students] wanted this year,” said Morgan. “We’re trying to make it an exciting show and we’re really focusing on the student experience so we’re hoping to add a couple more day-of-show elements to heighten the experience like waiting line isn’t just waiting in line. We wanna have excitement for the whole day.”

Although the artists fit students’ interest, some weren’t impressed with SPB’s choice.

“I personally think Blackbear wasn’t a good choice as a headliner,” sophomore business management major Olamide Gbotosho said. “I also believe it was a step down from last year considering it was Khalid. The majority of students here don’t know who Blackbear is. And if they do, either don’t like him or don’t know any of his songs.”

Like every year, the artist performing at Wake the Giant performer(s) is kept under wraps from the students. What some may not know, however, is that it’s even a secret from the rest of SPB until a week before the reveal.

“For a lot of us it was pretty easy to keep it a secret,” SPB Marketing Chair Taylor Sniffen said. “I think Olivia knows first and she knows not to tell us too early god forbid we do give it up so we just found out about it a week ago so it’s been a small amount of time [since we’ve found out].”

Wake the Giant 2019 will be held in the People’s United Center on Saturday, April 13. The doors will open at 7 p.m. and the concert will begin at 8 p.m.

“Tickets are going to be on sale Sunday, March 3 at 6 p.m.,” Morgan said. “Ticket prices are the same as last year, so $20 for seats and $25 for the floor.”