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Take advantage of your rights

Take advantage of your rights

[media-credit name=”Design by Janna Marnell” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Taylor Swift uploaded a post on Instagram encouraging people to vote. According to CNN, 65,000 people registered to vote within a 24-hour period after Swift’s post on Oct. 7.

“So many intelligent, thoughtful, self-possessed people have turned 18 in the past two years and now have the right and privilege to make their vote count,” Swift said in her recent Instagram post.

It is no surprise that technology has been rapidly evolving. Social media has created an enormous impact on people of all ages. Networks such as Instagram and Twitter have become a place for teenagers to define themselves. It is also a place for people to feel involved in what is going on around the world. While some may think that technology has created a negative impact on young teens, it also has its benefits of being fast and efficient with information. It has become a place where young people can take advantage of voting, and it is crucial for younger generations to acknowledge their rights. 

“Data reveals that college age students have one of the lowest voter turnouts for all age groups, yet are going to be the ones that have to live the longest with the policies put in place by whoever we elect,” Vice President of the Student Government Association Luke Ahearn said.


Celebrities Creating an Impact:

Sophia Bush: An American actress, fashion model, and activist is known as Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill. She encourages millenials to vote in the November midterm elections.

“Assuming that you don’t have to actively participate in your society is really disrespectful to the people whose lives are on the line whose worlds your participation, or lack thereof, effects,” Bush said during an event hosted by Planned Parenthood Generation Action NU.

Michael B. Jordan: An American actor who is known for his film role antagonist Erik Killmonger in Black Panther (2018) has been visiting homes in Atlanta to motivate members of the black community to vote for the upcoming midterm election.

“I’ve been making surprise visits with @VotingWhileBLK in Georgia to talk to Black voters about how important it is to vote next Tuesday,” Jordan said in his Twitter post on Oct. 31.

Shonda Rhimes: The American television producer, screenwriter and author is best known for being the executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy and she urges young women to vote during this year’s election.

“You do not want anyone else determining the course of your future,” Rhimes said in her speech in front of over 10,000 women at the LA Promise Fund’s Girls Build Leadership Summit.

Michelle Obama: Former first lady Michelle Obama has taken the time by visiting schools to explain the importance of voting.

“But when we all vote, we get new ideas and new energy,” Obama said during a public service announcement that was released on Sept. 20.


Social Media Creating an Impact:

The social media networks that many millennials have on their smartphones are working hard to encourage young voters to participate in this years midterm elections. 

Instagram has come out with different stickers to add to your story such as “I Voted,” to encourage network users to get more involved among their friends. Instagram’s assisted participation with TurboVote has offered users to register to vote, find early voting location and apply for an absentee ballot. 

Facebook, the social media and networking company that launched in 2004, is also the proud owner of Instagram. Facebook has partnered with TurboVote to help make things easier for people to participate in the midterm elections. They have also included a feature under “2018 Election,” to inform people on who the candidates are in the area, and what their goals for action are.

According to Snapchat, its registration campaign has helped 418,000 people register within a two week period. Account users can decorate their stories with voting stickers for the purpose of spreading the word and creating a popular trend. The network has created a feature on Snap Maps to help users figure out where their polling location is.

Twitter has followed Facebook and Instagram’s footsteps to partner with TurboVote to create informational Tweets to assist the voting process. Clicking on one of their prompts can direct users to a different page to enable them to sign up for election reminders, apply for absentee ballots, and registering to vote.


Why You Need to Vote:

There is a decline in voting from young people according to “The Best Colleges.” Although, it is important for people between the ages of 19-29 to vote because every election relates to the many concerns of students and professionals. 

“The right to vote may be the most important right that Americans have and it is central to all of our other rights,” Ahearn said.

 It is crucial that millennials take the time to understand the midterm elections, and what is going on in the world around them. Many are unaware how important their vote is and how much of an impact it can have on the world we live in. 


Ballot Questions in CT:

“Shall the Constitution of the state be amended to ensure (1) that all contained in the Special Transportation Fund be used solely for transportation purposes, including the payment of debts of the state incurred for transportation purposes, and (2) that sources of funds deposited in the Special Transportation Fund be deposited in said fund so long as such sources are authorized by statute to be collected or received by the state?”

“Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to require
(1) a public hearing and the enactment of legislation limited in subject matter to the transfer, sale or disposition of state-owned or state-controlled real property or interests in real property in order for the General Assembly to require a state agency to sell, transfer or dispose of any real property or interest in real property that is under the custody or control of the agency, and (2) if such property is under the custody or control of the Department of Agriculture or the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, that such enactment of legislation be passed by a two-thirds vote of the total membership of each house of the General Assembly?”

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