Halloweekend on a Budget

Julianna Johnson

It’s finally “spooky season” and we all know what that means: hours spent online shopping at the last minute. There is no need when you can make your own costume using some of the clothes you already have. Anyone can try these DIY costume ideas without the hassle of paying for that expensive online shipping fee.

Devil: The devil costume is a classic, especially for college students looking for an easy Halloween DIY costume. There are many ways to create this costume and it all depends on your type of style. If you have a black skirt, pair it with any red top and match it with boots or heels. Show off your artistic skills by adding makeup to finish up the look. If you don’t have a devil horn headband on hand, YouTube has many videos on how you can create one fast and easy. If you want to keep it simple (and inexpensive), cut red paper in the shape of a cone, and hot glue it to any headband. Quinnipiac students can stop by Party City in Hamden or North Haven to buy some red face paint to show off their devious side. Try adding a pair of sunglasses for style.

Materials needed:

Black/red top

Black/red bottoms (leggings, skirt, jeans, pants)

Devil horn headband

Black/red shoes (heels, boots, sneakers)


Face paint


Red paper



Sports fan: The fall athletics season has arrived. Show off your favorite fall sports team with this simple costume! Even if you don’t have any sports jerseys on hand, you are bound to find someone who will loan you theirs. As the weather gets colder, you can pair a jersey with a hat and leggings. Going to a party? Opt for a comfy pair of boots or sneakers. The possibilities are endless with this costume. For guys, unpin that jersey from your wall and put on a pair of khakis or jeans to root for your favorite basketball or football team. Add some eye black on the cheeks like the pros on the field.

Materials needed:

Any sports jersey

Bottoms (leggings, pants, shorts, jeans, khakis)

Shoes (sneakers, boots, converse)

Hat (beanie, baseball cap)

Face paint


Greek god/goddess: Show off your godly status by wearing a toga. For girls, pull out your favorite white dress and add some gold jewelry, glitter and warrior sandals to complete the look. Girls can go crazy with their highlight, while guys can add some body glitter on themselves. Don’t have a white dress or an oversized t-shirt? Don’t worry. Have some fun by looking up different ways to make a toga using a white bed sheet!

Materials needed:

Oversized white t shirt

White dress

Warrior sandals

Glitter makeup

Gold jewelry

White bed sheet

Safety pins

White pants

Bottoms (leggings/tights)


Twister: Go wild with this Twister costume by wearing all white, and adding different colored paper dots on your body just like the game board. You can even make the Twister spinner with some markers and paper. This costume allows you to create your own unique “twist,” by making a color key for the spinner board.

Materials needed:

White shirt

White pants/shorts

White dress

Any pair of shoes




Colored paper/felt



Reindeer: Halloween is right around the corner but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to be thinking about Christmas. Try this DIY costume to show off your wild side. This easy outfit only requires a pair of brown pants or leggings and a white or black shirt. The key is how you decide to paint your face, using face paint that can be found at any Party City for $1-$6, or a crayon face paint kit on Amazon for around $8. Reindeer ears can be found for less than $10 on Amazon. Show off your holiday spirit!

Materials needed:

White/black shirt

Brown bottoms (pants, leggings, khakis)

Shoes (boots, sneakers, Sperrys)

Face paint

Reindeer ears


101 Dalmatians: This is the perfect group costume if you and your friends are looking for something easy and cute. Turn a plain white t-shirt into a dalmatian costume by coloring in black circles with markers or gluing on some black felt. Add a dog nose and some spots with black face paint to finish the look. If you’re looking for something a little extra, someone in the group can be Cruella from the movie 101 Dalmatians. If you are not looking to dye your hair or purchase a wig, create Cruella’s dramatic appearance with makeup and her elaborate fashion style consisting of black and white animal print.

Materials needed:

White shirt

Black markers

Black felt



Black bottoms (pants, leggings)

Black and white shirt/pants


Face paint

Red/black gloves

Black/white shoes (heels, boots)

Black and white wig

Hair dye