Sarah’s Style Corner: New trends springing up

Sarah Rosenberg

I’m not sure what’s more exciting: flowers springing up from the ground or flowers springing up on dresses. At least we know that they go hand in hand, with delicate fashion pieces echoing the upcoming season. Spring signifies renewal and rebirth, so why shouldn’t it apply to fashion? Breaking free of winter’s restraints, spring runway shows signify the conception of new trends, patterns, looks, and reasons why your closet should be renewed as well.

The renewal mindset of spring fashion is reflected in the pure white palettes in the collections of Calvin Klein, Donna Karen and Yves Saint Laurent. Sleek and iridescent shirts and blouses flocked the runway. Every piece was simple without being plain; shift dresses, off-the-shoulder cuts, silk shorts and classic white ankle pants graced the runway shows of designers ranging from Michael Kors to Cacharel. White has the ability to say everything and nothing all at the same time; it’s gorgeous by itself yet can be complemented by everything from bright colors to kaleidoscopic patterns. It’s fresh and clean—just as spring should be.

Spring makes you feel good, and similarly, the new prints of the masterminds and veteran designers Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen, and Carolina Herrera will make you feel the same way. When these new patterns arise, I always get a sense of sincere artistry at work. The prints are abstract, as if the dresses and blouses were splattered with paint. Naturally, floral and animal prints appeared as well.

Never ceasing to surprise his audiences, Marc Jacobs has utilized color block schemes to enhance his patterned look. A model donning a billowy, canary yellow jumpsuit with blue and black shapes mimicking a piano showed off Jacobs’ unique tastes. He topped off this particular look with a bow resembling pop art. I truly believe art reigns free in this category and it has inspired a number of trends for the season.

New trends for the season also include peek-a-boo undergarments.  Bringing out the inner coquette is an easy task when you have the right pieces in your wardrobe to show off. Sweetheart-shaped and sequined corsets, sheer blouses, and sexy tights have become key. Designer Christian Dior sent a thin red blouse down the runway revealing a black brassiere underneath, reminiscent of a 1940s bombshell. Fendi revealed a similar look, with one model wearing a sheer, powder blue cardigan unsuccessful in masking the cream lace bra peeking through. Jean Paul Gaultier, Isaac Mizrahi and Lanvin also joined in on what seemed to be a sexier pajama party, with a few revealing cocktail dresses and pantsuits thrown in here and there.

On the other end of the spectrum, the spring runways have gotten gritty in fashion warfare with army appeal. Perhaps one of my favorite looks constituting this trend hails from the fashion house Balmain—tight, shiny leather pants complemented by an embellished army jacket and accented with killer strappy heels. A look like this is fierce and unequivocally bold. The jacket can be worn anywhere, but the leather pant is the piece that seals the deal. If you have the courage to pull on a pair of pants that defiant, no other piece of clothing could scare you away.

Cap-sleeved dresses, high-collared button-downs, studded cinch belts, and army green blazers with silver buttons were only a few of the pieces resembling army structure displayed by designers such as Marc Jacobs and Celine and Charlotte Ronson.

Spring fashion lends a hand to artistic freedom when the new season rolls around, just as everyone equally begins to break free from the cold and the winter chill keeping them locked inside. Intense patterns, silky fabrics, pure white dresses, and billowy tops perfect for breathing in the fresh spring air have signified the new trends of the months to come. All of these looks can be found on, and sifting through these new trends will make you feel as if spring is right around the corner.