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    Valentine’s Day? More like Ladies Day

    Between the flowers, chocolates and candlelit dinners, it’s no wonder why so many people are in love with Valentine’s Day.

    The idea of spending the perfect evening with that special someone is enough to make anyone’s heart melt. There’s no denying it, most girls love Valentine’s Day, but what about the guys?

    Sure, getting them a card or a small box of chocolates is thoughtful, but let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that revolves around the ladies.

    The most a guy expects is a nice smooch now and then, and maybe a card saying how much they’re appreciated.

    Freshman Tom Beaumier said, “I think of Valentine’s Day as more of the guys getting things for the girl, not a girl getting things for a guy. Maybe just a nice phone call or something but not a huge present or anything.

    “You’re supposed to impress the girl and show her you care, so as a guy there’s nothing that I really want,” Beaumier said.

    Though Beaumier isn’t expecting too much on this holiday, that’s not to say that he doesn’t plan on making the day memorable for his girlfriend.

    “I’m going to make her a nice dinner; candles, flowers, the works!” he said.

    Not all guys, however, have the suave and unique plans set up for the holiday like Beaumier. Some students are still struggling with ideas of what to do for their sweetie.

    Sophomore Jimmy Smith said, “I feel like Valentine’s Day is always a letdown. The expectations are always so high in the girls mind, and if you fall short at all, the holiday just ends up being a complete disaster.”

    Smith later admitted, “Last year I actually forgot to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to my girlfriend. I definitely would not recommend doing that.”

    Smith is not alone in the idea that Valentine’s Day is not always what it’s cracked up to be. What about all of the single students who haven’t found or aren’t even looking for love?

    Sure, it’s easy enough for the females to go out to dinner with their friends, or even gather up on a futon and cry while watching a chick flick. However, single men seem to treat the holiday a little bit differently.

    “That night I’ll probably just hang out with my friends, maybe do some work,” confessed Adam Hebert. “Unless you have a girlfriend, you don’t really care too much.”

    Freshman Chris Eglin agreed, “It’s just another day. It’s no big deal really.” On the idea of gifts, Eglin chuckled, “My mom will probably just send me something cheesy in the mail, like chocolates or something.”

    So ladies, stop stressing over what to do for your guy this Valentine’s Day and let them break a sweat. It’s clear that all they want to do is butter you up the best way they know possible (assuming that they actually remember that it is Valentine’s Day of course).

    Make them a sweet card or leave a nice voicemail for them to listen too, but there is no need to go completely over the top.

    “I’m actually hoping that my girlfriend doesn’t do too much,” Beaumier said. “There’s always that fear that the girl is going to out-do you and just make you feel like you messed up.”

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