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    Super Tuesday Wrap Up: Democrats

    One thing was certain when the smoke cleared from the chaos of Super Tuesday’s Democratic primaries: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in a neck and neck battle to become their party’s 2008 presidential nominee.

    Clinton barely edged out Obama by winning 790 delegates compared to Obama’s 767 according to, in what may turn out to be one of the closest primary battles in recent memory. While Sen. John McCain came out the clear favorite for the Republican party’s presidential nominee, 21 states could not decide on a clear favorite on Super Tuesday in the battle between the two Democratic Senators from New York and Illinois.

    In Connecticut, CNN projects that Obama won 51 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 47 percent. Quinnipiac freshman communications major and Vice President elect for QU Democrats Kate Taussig predicted an Obama win before Super Tuesday.

    “I’ve been hearing a lot of people who support him more than Clinton; (but) there are still a lot of supporters for Clinton,” Taussig said. “I find myself leaning towards Obama. But the experience that Hillary Clinton would bring to the table is also alluring.”

    Although Obama took Connecticut, Clinton faired well in most northeastern states – winning Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York on Super Tuesday, and New Hampshire on Jan. 8.

    Nicole Colomonico, a junior history major, likes what she sees from Clinton.

    “What we saw in New Hampshire, her campaign kind of works like a machine; they have a certain formula,” Colomonico said.

    While working for Clinton’s campaign Colomonico pointed out that they canvassed neighborhoods, did phone banking, and set up visible events. She says that they stressed to the people that Clinton “cares about them and the candidate is willing to hear their issues and questions.”

    Obama scored wins in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington on Feb. 9, and a win in Maine on Feb. 10, which inched him closer to Clinton. The Democratic delegate tally has Clinton in the lead with 1,148 and Obama behind with 1,121 as of Feb. 11.

    The Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Reupublican primaries took place yesterday, past The Chronicle’s Monday deadline.

    Contributions made by D.J. Bernat, Kathleen Hessman, and Kaitlyn Yeager

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