Book Review: “Zero to One Million” By Ryan Allis

Brittany Fouskas

Entrepeneur Ryan Allis has taken everything he knows about creating a business and has failed to miss every pertinent detail in creating a multi-million dollar cooperation. Allis also provides a back-history to how he started his corporation.

The easy thing to do is to skip over the part until one gets to the 10-step handbook. What some may not understand is that the background biography can hit close to home for a lot of readers as most may go or have gone to college with similar expectations. In that section Allis shares many lessons he has learned throughout his college expereience. However the most important lesson learned that I have picked up is ‘believe in the improbable.’ Throughout the book, Allis also refers to other books that one should look into. “Zero to One Million” has encompassed all what is necessary in starting a business and though there will be more steps in creating a corporation, one cannot do without this helpful guide.

Our rating out of 5: ****