Movie Review: Untraceable

Meghan Driscoll

“Untraceable” can best be described as a “Saw” rip off that tried way too hard. Though the movie had a somewhat cool idea at the beginning, it quickly went downhill.

In the movie, Special Agent Jennifer Marsh (Diane Lane), works in a special division within the FBI that deals solely with investigating and then prosecuting criminals from the Internet. When an anonymous Web site pops up that shows live executions, first a kitten and then humans, Marsh and her team quickly jump in to try and find the murderer.

Within no time the investigation becomes personal as the murderer begins to target Marshall and her team. Though it is unclear at first how each victim is connected, the movie finally reveals the connection towards the very end, which left the audience wondering for far too long.

“Untraceable” might be a good pick for a weekend rental once it comes to DVD, and for those that are into the “Saw” movies, it might be enjoyable since both share similar aspects.

Although “Untraceable” was by no means an awful movie, it definitely was not stellar either. It seems as though the plot just got weaker by the end, and it took far too long to explain the entire connection. Lane did a great job with her performance, but it was disappointing to see her in a mediocre film when she usually has a much better script to work with.

Overall, if you are looking for something to do on a Friday night, or want to wait till “Untraceable” comes out on DVD in a few months, it’s definitely a great pick for a boredom buster. Just don’t go into the theatre, or your living room, with too high of expectations.

Our rating: C