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    Low calorie wine and spirits

    Heineken which has 150 calories, and Blue Moon with 170. If you can find Heineken Premium Light, try that instead for only 99 calories.

    Hard liquor drinkers should consider these numbers, and might think twice the next time they order a round. As you’re knocking back a tequila shot with salt and lime, it’s 65 calories just for the tequila. And other hard liquors like Rum, Vodka, and Whiskey all have about the same calorie count per shot as tequila. So, if mixed drinks are more your thing, add that number to your mixer of choice.

    If you like Rum and Coke, you might try asking for a Rum and Diet Coke. The change to Diet will save you 96 calories! Unfortunately, most bars don’t have Light Cranberry Juice on hand, but it has 89 less calories than regular juice. So, go for the Light when you’re making drinks at home. For those who like to mix orange juice with their liquor, you’re adding 110 calories, and it’s the same amount for that extra boost from Red Bull.

    Keep in mind that these are just the numbers for an (8 fl oz) glass of the mixer. So, a rum and Coke with two shots of rum has about 230 calories. The same drink with Diet Coke has more like 130. A screwdriver with two shots of vodka will be about 240 and the same if you switch the OJ for Redbull.

    Fruity and frozen drinks vary from place to place, but an average margarita (in a 3.3 fl oz glass) has 153 calories. An (8 fl oz) Pina Colada has an average of over 300 calories, and that’s without a cherry or pineapple on top. Malt drinks like a strawberry daiquiri or Smirnoff Ice, as well as most wine coolers, have at least 200. A bottle of Mike’s Hard Lemonade has 98 calories, but try Mike’s Light for 76.

    If you’re having a glass of wine with dinner, choose carefully. A glass* of a Red wine like a Cabernet has an average of 106 calories, while a medium rose wine has around 100. Sweet white wine like White Zinfandel has about 113 calories per glass, and that champagne you toasted with on New Years Eve, was around 78 calories per glass.

    If all of these numbers are too confusing, here are the best bets for the least calories. Drink Light beer. Miller Lite and Amstel Light have the lowest numbers. Mike’s Light has the least calories of the malt beverages. Tonic water boasts only 10 calories, so a gin and tonic is a good choice for a mixed drink. If that’s not enough flavor for you, ask for a Rum and Diet Coke. For those happy occasions, a glass of champagne isn’t bad either.

    Calories may be the farthest thing from your mind when you’re out with your friends. But, if you’re watching what you eat, you might want to choose your drinks carefully. If you go out every weekend, it could add up.

    Most importantly, whatever you drink, make sure you enjoy it responsibly.

    *Glass of wine=4.1 fl. Oz

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