Book Review: “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” By Jeff Lindsay

Jessica Kenney

Dexter Morgan, just your average, everyday serial killer, serves as the main character in this twisted dark comedy. By day, Dexter is a charming man who works for the Miami Police Department as a Blood Spatter Pattern Analyst. By night, he secretly succumbs to the desires of his undeniable “Dark Passenger.”

When the Miami Police Department discover that they may have a very unique serial killer on their hands, Dexter finds that he feels somehow connected to whomever the murderer may be. His insatiable sense of curiosity paired with a collection of strange dreams lead him closer and closer to finding out the true identity of his “playmate,” without the help of the police.

The suspense of the book and the wit of its characters are likely to keep you reading for hours. It provides its own stunning twists and turns in the plot that will have you anxious to immediately crack open the next book in the three-part series.

Our rating out of 5: ****