Movie Review: There Will Be Blood

DJ Bernat

One thing should be made clear to anyone before they think of going to see “There Will Be Blood:” this is no popcorn movie.

The fifth and best film by writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson (“Magnolia,” “Punch-Drunk Love”), clocks in just shy of two hours and 40 minutes (and with no dialogue for the first 15), the film is a lengthy character study of Daniel Plainview (Daniel-Day Lewis) as he ascends from mere silver miner to oil industry juggernaut.

After a boy named Paul Sunday approaches Plainview and offers to sell him information regarding an oil rich community, Plainview heads to the town and soon begins buying up land and drilling for oil, comforting the town and its citizens with false promises all the way.

Along the way to securing his fortune, Plainview experiences challenges ranging from a strained relationship with his son and partner, a young adopted boy named H.W., an equally money hungry Evangelical preacher played by Paul Dano (best known for his role as Duane in Little Miss Sunshine), the townspeople and a mysterious character from his past claiming to be his brother. As the film progresses Plainview’s descent into madness clearly becomes inevitable and the viewer is left to do nothing but sit and wait as tension builds.

“There Will Be Blood” is an accomplished epic of a film that perfectly showcases the immense talents of everyone involved, full of brilliant dialogue, superb acting, gorgeous cinematography and the best soundtrack of the year, not to mention a closing scene that is sure to be talked about for years to come.

Our rating (out of 5):