Album Review: Maroon 5 – “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long”

Carole Ann Kinnaw

The Artist: The five year wait for Maroon 5’s second album “It Won’t be Soon Before Long,” was well worth it. With this album, Maroon 5 takes many musical risks which have made them a strong contender for a 2008 Grammy.

Why It Rocks: This album is the perfect compilation of music that fits any and
every mood. If you want something upbeat and fun, “Can’t Stop” is the ideal song. If you are looking for something relaxing and a bit
remorseful, “Losing My Mind” is perfect. Adam Levine’s unique vocals draw you into his every word and emotion while the intense lyrics keep you intrigued.

Song Worth Downloading: “Can’t Stop” because it has risky and fun lyrics.

Our Rating (out of 5): *****