Dear Alicia

Alicia Staffa

My boyfriend and I just broke up and I am already dreading valentine’s day. Do you have any suggestions on how I should keep myself busy so I won’t be thinking about being alone on the most romantic day of the year??

From single awareness girl


Dear Single Awareness Girl,

I have never liked Valentine’s Day or Cupid for that matter. Yes, I have a boyfriend and it is supposed to be a special day, but I was never too fond of our Hallmark holiday. I do not feel that a couple should only be romantic one day out of 365. And what is with the whole bow and arrow thing? Do men really need to get struck by a sharp object to be romantic?

It shouldn’t make a girl feel lonely or bad about herself, but I know it does. It can make you realize, even more, that you are single, but make that a good thing!

Think about it this way, you don’t have to worry about buying anyone an expensive gift, or pretending that you are happy all day. You can just hang out with all your friends and have a few laughs.

My friends and I are exchanging secret giver gifts this year. We are all buying a funny, romantic gift for $10 or below to exchange on Valentine’s Day. We are also going to all get together in our pajama’s and play as many board games as possibly until our eyes can’t stay open anymore. (Everyone who has a boyfriend was told to celebrate during the weekend.)

You can also grab all your single friends and do dinner and a movie. This year “Jumper,” “Definitely, Maybe” and “Step up 2: The Streets” all release on Feb. 14.

And what about a night of dancing?

I know that when I go out with my friends to dance the night away, I am always put into a better mood.

Or you can do something for yourself. Maybe take a nice long bubble bath and watch as many episodes of your favorite TV show as possible, while eating Rocky Road ice cream.

Or you can work on a scrap book of your college years with all your ‘single awareness’ girlfriends. Michael’s or Joanne fabrics are great to buy some cheap scrap booking items.

Or how about you have a bonfire, like Monica, Rachel and Phoebe did on that episode of “Friends” and burn everything that every ex-boyfriend has ever given you. (And hey, maybe you will meet some cute firefighters if anything goes wrong).

These are all some suggestions, but I think the best one is to just think of Valentine’s Day like it is any other day of the year. You can ignore all the lovey dovey couples and the red and pink everywhere you turn, but always remember, Valentine’s does not only have to be for couples, it can be for friends as well.