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Freshman reflect, Seniors say goodbye


By: Melissa Buck and Jessica Simms

Freshmen As the crowds increase on the Quad and the stress of finals kicks in, many students wonder where all the time went. From the month of January that seemed to never end, to the month of April that was overwhelmed by cold weather, to the final two weeks remaining in the semester.

For freshmen, the year was all about adjusting to their new home away from home. Many began the year bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to take on the life of a college kid. The first semester presented the challenge of which clubs to join and how many clubs are too many.

The fears of starting a new life and making friends was a worry that consumed many students who wondered if they would fit in with their fellow Bobcats. At the conclusion of first semester,   students received their GPAs, which left some students pleased, but served as a reality check for others. What could they change to make the rest of their time at QU more successful? The first year for many students was all about working out the kinks for the next three or more years to come.

In contrast, a vast majority of seniors spent their time wondering where all the time went and how they were going to function as ‘real adults.’ The looming decisions of finding a graduate school or finding a job consumed their free time. The reality of a new life on the horizon was just as exciting as it was scary for many of the soon-to-be-alumni. Many enjoyed their last moments of freedom and young adulthood as they prepared to say goodbye to Bobcat Way.

With the year coming to a close, freshmen are ready to share how they think the 2017-18 Quinnipiac school year went for them and seniors are ready to reflect on their entire QU experience.

“Overall, [freshman year was] pretty good. I’m pretty impressed with the whole campus,” freshman film, television and media major Thomas Hoffman said. “I went to a few of the clubs, I liked that and I think you can get really involved here.”

Even though freshmen have only been around campus for roughly eight months, the good times seem to last through all four years.

“I really enjoyed my time here,” senior health science major Lorinda Asante said. “I’m even staying here for grad school because I don’t want to leave this school. I had a good experience. The teachers, all of them, are very nice and caring. The people here are really nice.”

Not only is a student’s time at Quinnipiac affected by the people you meet and the clubs you join, but also by the decision to commute or live on campus.

“We both commute,” freshman liberal arts undeclared student Jada Ellison said of herself and freshman nursing major Veronica Perpetua. “It affects your friendships, the relationships you make out of class. We like it better because we hear a lot of issues about roommates.”

For a majority of students, campus involvement is the best way to improve your time at Quinnipiac.

“I joined Alpha Phi Omega, which is the service fraternity and that really changed a lot,” senior occupational therapy major Allison Parker said. “That helped me get connected with new friends and do service opportunities and gave me something to do, which wasn’t my first thought when I came here, but when I learned about it, it really changed my whole experience here.”

Not only do clubs connect students with new friends whom they may not have met otherwise, but they provide many students with networking opportunities.

“I joined QFS, which is the Quinnipiac Film Society, and the Screenwriters Guild to go along with it, since I am a film and television major,” Hoffman said. “I’ve actually been invited to work with seniors on PSAs and stuff like that. It improved my education because I got a learning experience that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t join the club.”

While many freshman eased into their first year of college, others found it difficult to adjust.

“[Freshman year was] pretty stressful. Very stressful. Not just because of classes,” freshman history major Alana Delgado said. “I think it’s just getting into the whole college thing and to do a lot of stuff on your own now. It’s eye opening and also it just throws down the responsibility on you.”

Every freshman experience is unique. Different students enter college with different goals. Some students want to start fresh and erase their past while others want to find life long friends. For some students, college is strictly about grades and preparing for the future.

But what would these baby bobcats do if they could start anew? Many students found that they would have gotten more involved to enhance their experience.

“[I would] probably join more clubs in the first semester,” freshman psychology major Elizabeth Mazany said. “I signed up for everything, but I never actually went to any meetings.”

For other students planning a well-balanced schedule is something that should have been higher up on their list.

“[I would have] taken less credits and taken a science credit,” Ellison said. “I can’t get one for next semester.”

More important than having a well-balanced schedule was the ability to properly budget time for their academic work.

“There are several things I would change.” Delgado said. “Basically my attitude coming into here in general and my work ethic. Definitely my work ethic.”

While creating the perfect schedule and managing school work are important, it’s also imperative to enjoy yourself while spending time at school.

“I think I would’ve gone out more at the beginning of the year with roommates and stuff like that because I didn’t really,” Hoffman said. “I wish I did more and socialized with rooms across the hall for me because I live in Troup in suites.”

As for advice, many seniors emphasize campus involvement and time management. While your time at Quinnipiac is supposed to be fun full of new experiences, it’s important not to let parties take over class work. College is a time of self discovery and the best way to learn about your interests is at your fingertips–campus involvement.

Senior Advice:

“Time management and get involved because I didn’t get involved as much, but now I regret it a little bit. Dowell in your classes. Lorinda Asante senior health science major

“Pick a major before you come into college because a major for a diploma instead of living large is a lot better than just going in undecided.” William Devoe senior international business major

“Enjoy the fun while they are young because senior year is actually the hardest year, not the easiest year.”- Stephen Eranovic senior international business major

“Everyone says that college is what you make of it and I was like that is not true and I’m sure the college experience will be the same if I don’t get involved in anything. But getting involved is probably a big part of my college experience so just go ahead and try things that you normally wouldn’t because this is the time to do it.” -Miranda Zygmunt senior health science and physical therapy major

“Get involved because I met a lot of friends through getting involved in clubs and things like that or sororities and fraternities, whatever it might be. Like getting involved or doing things with your hallmates like things like that because that introduced me to a lot of people and a lot of hobbies that I didn’t know I had before I came here.”- Allison Parker senior occupational therapy major said.

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