Album Review: Michael Bublé; – “Call Me Irresponsible”

Leigh Maneri

The artist: It turns out Michael Bublé is more than just a funny name. Since his first album in 2003, Bublé has released seven albums and was previously nominated twice for a Grammy. Each of his albums has something different to offer, but he consistently provides his listeners with a fabulous compilation of his latest work.

Why it rocks: Bublé, in his most recent CD “Call me Irresponsible,” proves himself the closest thing to a modern day Sinatra. It is the perfect mixture of upbeat, soulful and serene melodies. It includes cover songs such as “The Best is Yet to Come,” originally performed by Frank Sinatra, and is rounded out with his self-composed songs such as “Everything,” which has recently taken a visit to the top of the U.S. charts.

Song Worth Dowloading:

“I’m Your Man,” because it’s calming enough for the most stressful of days.

Our rating out of 5: *****