May Weekend is coming

Jessica Simms

The weekend that students have been waiting for all semester is just about here: May Weekend. These few days that celebrate the last weekend before finals consist of non-stop partying, alcohol consumption and making questionable decisions with friends.

This is a weekend full of festivities, and there is always a way to ensure that amongst the fun, you should not have to deal with any consequences of messing up. Here are some tips to make sure that these festivities are as enjoyable as students hope it will be.

Drink water and eat

May Weekend does not have to only be about the alcohol. If it is on the agenda for you, make sure food and water are a part of your plan as well. This will eliminate any issues with you or your friends from getting sick or just not feeling well during a weekend that should be solely about having fun.

Prepare your playlist

With it being darty season, having a great playlist is a necessity for May Weekend. Whether it is used when you are getting ready with friends or when you are actually partying, having a playlist ready is important. It will hype you up and get you in the mood for this weekend full of fun. Therefore, get it ready now so you can get into the May Weekend spirit right away.

Get your outfits ready

With there being multiple days full of parties and outings during the weekend, having just the right outfit is ideal. To be able to just jump right into the festivities, plan out what you want to wear ahead of time. The perfect outfit will just be the last detail to make May Weekend the best weekend full of parties out of the entire year.

Pace yourself

While it can be easy to have way too much fun during this weekend, remember to regulate what you do drink. This, again, will help you from getting overly excited and drinking too much, which could ruin the weekend for all. Know your limits to make sure you can make the best out of this fun time with your friends. Not only can regulation help you pace yourself but it can also help keep you safe during a weekend full of partying.

Do homework early

For some students, they will have homework assignments due over the weekend or the Monday morning after. Therefore, it is almost necessary for you to finish all of your work during the week so you do not have worry about it while you are out partying or worry about cramming it in right after the weekend finishes up. To keep your grades high and to not have to worry about doing your homework, get it all done beforehand to enjoy this time with friends.

Plan out the weekend

Each day full of different places and different parties to go to, so it is a smart idea to plan ahead with your group to ensure that all of you are on the same page. Also, if someone you know and trust is staying behind and not going out, let them know where you are going so in case something happens, another person knows where you are. Communication is key, so always let a person that you trust know where you are at all times.

Rest up

You do not want to be tired during the weekend you have been waiting for all semester, right? So get some sleep during the week to prepare for this fun, but very tiring weekend. When you are done partying for the day, it may be a smart idea to rest up for the next outing to make that one fun and safe as well.

Get a group you trust

Whenever you go, especially during May Weekend, it is always smart to go with a group of people that you trust. Be aware of who you go with and try to come back from wherever you go with them. Just try to stay with someone you know and trust in case something serious does happen. Know that if something happens to that person, you will have to be responsible to ensure that they get back home safely as well.

Make smart choices

May Weekend is an easy time for people to get overly excited and not think about the consequences of making wrong or questionable decisions. To just help yourself out, the school, and your peers, try to make smart decisions so you do not have to get in trouble or risk your own safety. Try to make this weekend as safe, fun and enjoyable as possible and choose good choices.

Qu policy on alcohol

Section 30-89(a) of Connecticut statutes states that it is unlawful for a minor (under the age of 21) to purchase, attempt to purchase, or make a false statement in connection with the attempted purchase of alcohol. Section 30-89(b) states that possession of alcohol by a minor anywhere is illegal, except where the minor is accompanied by a parent, guardian or spouse over the age of 21 . The fine ranges from $200–$500 .

On campus support

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