Missed a show? Watch it online

Jackie Maroney

We all know how it feels to miss a favorite television show and be completely lost during the following episode. But now thanks to technology, it is easier to catch up in time before the next episode airs. For those who don’t have TiVo, there is a cheaper and more convenient way to view old episodes: the Internet.

There are many sites available on the Web that allows one to see almost any show.

One easy way to find an episode is by going to the Web site of the television channel. Two popular channels to look at for shows are ABC and the CW.

Also, search for “free online TV” at www.about.com, for a plethora of links that can be used to find exactly what you are looking for. The links range from programs on The Food Network to TV Land. There are even links to channels from all over the world.

Of course there is another popular option: YouTube. With YouTube, merely type in the name of the television show and many episodes will pop up. This site is great for looking up Nickelodeon classics and shows that are no longer on the air.

Yahoo! Buzz compiled a list of the most popular streaming television shows, some of which included “Heroes,” “Prison Break,” “Family Guy,” “Gossip Girl” and “The Office.”

The article, written by Erik Gunther, says, “One thing to note from our list-the utter lack of reality. Are scripted shows the only ones worth streaming? While reality shows regularly top our list of most-searched shows, none cracked this top 20 of programs worth watching online.”