Album Review: Chase This Light by Jimmy Eat World

Ryan Nicholsen

After mainstream success with their breakout singles The Middle and Sweetness, it’s no wonder the expectations for Jimmy Eat World’s new album, Chase This Light, were so high. After 5 full length releases, it’s incredible that the quartet had it in them to write 11 more stellar songs.

After the band’s last release, Futures, that features a darker undertone to its songs, it’s pleasant to hear the pop punk beauty that opens the album, “Big Casino.” That and the following two songs, “Let It Happen” and “Always Be” set the tone for the album and clue the listener in that Jimmy is back and as good as ever.

The following song, “Carry You” slows things down a bit and makes for a perfect break in an otherwise hectic album. Lead singer Jim Adkin’s words shine best in this piece, and the sincerity of his vocals get stapled in your head as you begin to sympathize with him.

“Electable (Give It Up)” picks up where “Always Be” left off by giving us a catchy sing along song complete with a nice touch of hand claps and “whoas”. The next song, “Gotta Be Somebody’s Blues”, is where the band missed its mark, but not by much. It has a rather gloomy intro that doesn’t seem suitable for the album, but is saved by the energy of next two songs, “Feeling Lucky” and “Chase This Light”. After that we hit the climax of the album in what might go down as the band’s catchiest song to date, “Here It Goes.” The song is screaming to be a hit single with its dancy beat that is sure to get your feet tapping.

It’s unfortunate that the remainder of the album is rather repetitive and dull, for it has been nearly flawless until this point. The albums last track, “Dizzy”, does make for a very good closer with its slow beginning that transitions into a triumphant ending.

Like most Jimmy Eat World albums, people will be listening to this album for a long time.

Why it rocks: It’s full of fun songs that make you feel good about life and reassures you that loving pop music is not a bad thing.

Song worth downloading: Here It Goes