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    Planning the perfect theme party

    Sick of just hanging out with friends? Sure getting together and having a good time is always fun, but how about doing something extra to make the good times even better? Why not include a theme?

    Incorporating a theme into a gala event is a fun and easy way to create more memories with friends.

    We can all remember at least one themed party that was always around when we were growing up and even still today in college: Halloween parties. Halloween is the only time of year it’s acceptable to dress up in creative costumes.

    But who says you can’t dress up more than once a year?

    “Theme parties are great,” said Kaitlin Lee, a freshman undeclared communications major. “80s night themes are my favorite. There’s always good music to dance to. Masquerade balls and themes like that are always fun too.”

    There are always new, creative and interesting themes that will draw people to your party.

    “I would want to go to a ‘Blast to the Past’ themed party. Everyone would dress up in fashions of their favorite decade and there would music from all the different decades,” said Bridget Golia, a freshman business advertising major.

    “A James Bond/Casino Royal themed party would be so much fun to go to,” freshman financing major Kim Brohan said.

    Sophomore Emma Banks, a Physician’s Assistant major said, “I’ve been to a bunch of fun themed events: an 80s one, an out-of-season Halloween bash, a Toga party. I look forward to all of them but I don’t think I have a particular favorite or one that I would really want to go to. All of them are great.”

    One popular theme many think of is a Toga party.

    “Toga parties are always fun, entertaining, and a classic good time. You can never go wrong with Animal House,” freshman print journalism major Rhiannon Adams said. “I think this theme will never go out of style or become overdone.”

    However some people do feel as though certain themes are overused.

    Sophomore marketing major Shantia Smith said, “Contrary to what a large number of people say, I think that Toga-themed parties are overdone. Sure it’s a ‘classic’ but I think enough is enough.”

    People also believe that another theme that is overdone is color parties, especially “black and white” and “pink” parties.

    Whatever kind of theme you are into and want to host or attend, make sure you enjoy doing it. Find themed games, decorations and music to make your party stand out from the rest. The possibilities are endless. Just remember the most important factor: be creative.

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