For your entertainment

Lisa Gomez

Would you like to host your own show? Quinnipiac University students are having a blast doing just that while gaining invaluable career experience.

Q30 is the student run television station of Quinnipiac University and gives the campus viewers many options to keep themselves informed and entertained when they relax and watch television.

The station involves approximately 350 students and runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week on channel 30.

Q30 is located in the School of Communications which includes the television studio and the editing rooms. The five shows produced by students are “Q30 News”, “Bobcat Blitz”, “Sports Paws”, “The Morning After”, and “QU Gameday”.

Q30 News is the news program that airs live every week on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. The program covers an array of local news including campus news, national news, campus events, sports, entertainment and weather.

Journalism professor Karin Schwanbeck’s course JRN 291: Reporting for Television, requires students to produce news packages that cover news and sports off campus and then have the chance to air live on Q30.

Schwanbeck believes that Q30 is a phenomenal opportunity for students.

“Q30 is the perfect supplement for what we do in class as far as the curriculum is concerned,” she said.

Schwanbeck has watched many of her students graduate and secure exciting positions at news stations around the northeast due to the impressive live portfolios students were able to put together while being involved with Q30.

It is this experience of being in front of a microphone that gets students ahead.

“What’s cool about Q30 is students have full ownership of their programs. They produce, write, edit, promote and advertise their shows. The best training you will ever have is to get involved and do it,” Schwanbeck said.

Anthony Filiaci, is a junior Communications major and the promotions director for Q30 and co-host of “The Morning After”.

“The Morning After” airs live to tape at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday and includes clever commentary and stories from the week in entertainment and news from Filiaci and co-host/creator, senior media productions major Kristin LaBak.

Filiaci believes that “The Morning After” is the perfect example of what can be accomplished at Q30.

“We made our show out of nothing. It started with an idea, and then we had numerous meetings, wrote our stories and recruited our talent. We have a great team and the show has completely evolved. It’s not the same show that it was when we began; there is so much more going on and more depth,” Filliaci said.

LaBak agreed that the experience of shooting a show live to tape is exciting.

“You definitely see our oops,” LaBak said. “There is usually one minor mistake each show, but we learn from it and don’t make it again. It’s awesome, it’s a lot of fun.”

Labak also said that one of the most exciting updates to the show this year is the new set.

Junior public relations major and Executive Producer of “The Morning After” Gianna Orzo said, “This year we have really begun to utilize our studio to a greater capacity. We have been adding more advanced graphics and have incorporated a plasma screen into the show.”

Q30’s Programming Manager, junior communications major Jason Levin, oversees all of the stations programs.

Levin has been involved with Q30 since his freshman year and explains that there have been a lot of improvements made to the quality of the television shows and equipment being used to film those shows. One of Levin’s main goals this semester has been to broadcast the Student Government meetings numerous times and at more watchable time slots as there has been a great interest in these meetings.

Levin is also very excited for the new quality that will be available for sports coverage, “It will be exciting to shoot at the TD Banknorth sports center as there will be many opportunities for multi-camera shots,” he said.

The station also sponsors many events throughout the school year such as an annual spring BBQ, Behind the Scenes Meet and Greets, and Live Audience Tapings.

According to Levin it is very easy to become involved with Q30 as they are always looking for new shows and talent.

“It’s easy to become involved with Q30 and it really helps with media production. Having this experience is what puts you ahead of the curve and provides the knowledge needed to succeed outside of the classroom in this profession.” Levine said.

Visit Q30’s Web site,, for information on joining, television show listings, rebroadcast times, contact information and upcoming events, and tune in to channel 30 around the clock to see what is going on around campus and in the community.