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Editor Speaks Out

In a front page article in the Oct. 24 issue of The Chronicle, President John Lahey is quoted saying: “The electronic version [of The Chronicle] would come out at the same time as the hard-copy version so at least dinosaurs like me who read the hard copy version get an opportunity to read it before the external world hears about it.”

This made me realize that maybe our generation is so far ahead of “dinosaurs” like Lahey, that they need a crash course in what we are doing.

What is that magical Facebook so many kids are talking about on campus? Why are young people so obsessed with their own space that they mention MySpace in conversations?

I’ll start with something that dinosaurs probably just think is a typo when they read about it or a stutter when they hear people talk about it. It’s called a blog, and anyone can have one.

In fact, many courses offered at Quinnipiac even require students to create one. In my third year here, I have had as many blogs that I had to maintain as part of my grade. The best part is you can write whatever you want and it is instantly published online. It’s a newer form of journalism that allows for anyone in any major to become a journalist.

I wonder how many students will have to create one next semester (not to mention those who will have them for fun). What will their topic of choice be? Campus issues sounds very appealing. And let’s face it, this campus has issues. They may not be reported, but it doesn’t stop students from talking.

And then there is text messaging. Although this seems very basic and isn’t a form of journalism, it’s a form of communication. So, while someone is giving a speech, I could be texting my friend what they are saying. In turn, they could tell a friend who could tell a friend and so on.

But let’s bring it even closer to home for Lahey. Let me introduce you to WQAQ 98.1 FM “The soundtrack of Quinnipiac.” Sound familiar? It’s called the student-run radio station, which airs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only is it broadcast to students on campus, it also reaches off campus. In fact, when I drive down Whitney I can hear students talking through my own car radio. In addition to this, there are also approved shows, which, for you dinosaurs, means that the entire show is streamed online. Go to and listen live to everything being said.

And while you’re streaming your favorite WQAQ radio show, why not log into and see who has updated their profile recently. A site that was made primarily for college students has grown so anyone with an email address can make an account.

On the site, students can post on each other’s walls about anything they want. They can even create groups to unite those who share common beliefs. A popular group for students here is “Quinnipiac took all my money and President Lahey makes a million dollars a year.”

But allow me to give dinosaurs some more information on a site that is dear to my heart: A site that used to be updated as soon as news broke, is now restricted to updates on just Wednesdays, when the actual paper comes out.

Lahey, I understand you may not want to be blindsided with outside press regarding such urgent issues as what costumes are appropriate for class and Toad’s, but why not utilize this tool? Instead of restricting the site, why not subscribe to get updates e-mailed to you?

ut I digress. Features of the site include a weekly poll and top campus video news from across the country. Additionally, the most popular, commented and e-mailed articles are automatically arranged in order. As of me writing, “Lahey: Student media hinders progress” is No. 1 for all of them.

It is not just students who are outraged, though they have made several comments, but alumni and parents have also voiced their opinions. All I can say is, Lahey, you may be losing some future donations to the school.

So, dinosaurs, there is your crash course in the real world. Welcome to what is really going on on campus. There is no censoring it. There are no restrictions you can place on it. Go ahead and join us, but if you choose not to rest assured you will not beat us.

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