‘Wellies’ splash a craze

Hillary Federico

What do you get when you mix precipitation, rubber, and style? The wellie.

As the summer weather begins to fade and winter approaches, fashionistas can look forward to one thing: fall fashion. From the extreme footwear seen on the catwalk to the collegiate look, fall seems to be 2007’s “it” season for fashion. The most shocking trend to take over this time of year, however, is the explosion of the “wellie.”

The Wellington boot, also known as the “wellie,” is a rain boot that was first popularized in the 18th century by Arthur Wellesley. Originally made of calfskin leather, the boots were stylish among the British aristocracy at this time.

It wasn’t until the vulcanization process for natural rubber was invented, that the wellie was introduced as a rubber boot. They were waterproof and were often worn when walking on wet or muddy ground. This latest version of the Wellington boot became an immediate success, especially with farmers who were able to keep their feet dry and mud-free.

Now, with the current outbreak of this fashion forward footwear, Europeans are not the only ones with access to them. Celebrities from Kate Moss to Mischa Barton have been spotted sporting the rain boots around town.

But how should college students wear their wellies? For starters, Wellingtons are specifically made for cold, rainy weather. They are inappropriate to show off on a warm sunny day. Casually slung over skinny jeans or worn with a chic blazer, the wellies will protect your pant legs and your feet.

Now that autumn is finally here, invest in a pair of wellies to splash through all those puddles.

With so many fun patterns, prints, and colors to choose from, you’ll be wishing that it would rain every day.