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UGG boots and popped collars perfect for winter

Students that are not used to the brisk New England weather may be forced to bundle up when the winter chill sets in.

However, many of the winter clothing available can leave some students out in the cold when it comes to looking good. It has occurred to me that UGG Boots and popped collars may be the ideal solutions to the frosty season that is approaching.

I have always noticed that when the cold takes over, my shins and especially my ankles tend to feel the cold first. UGG Boots would be the perfect solution for this malady. I actually get jealous when I see girls on campus wearing them because I know there hasn’t been such stylish, well-designed footwear to keep men’s legs warm during those frigid winter days.

With a sheepskin lining, these boots are essential in preventing shins and ankles from getting too cold during the winter.

Another indispensable feature of these boots is the fact that you can roll them down while still keeping your ankles well covered and protected.

This is ideal for when it’s cold out but not too cold. Usually, when my ankles get cold, the rest of my body feels the effects so the extra covering provided by the UGG Boots is exactly what the doctor ordered.

There is a third feature that some students may not even realize they are getting out of these boots.

The UGG Boots can provide extra protection against sharp ice one might brush up against when the winter really begins to set in. It’s like you’re wearing shin guards, but they look good too.

As I said before, it only makes me jealous not to have this handy piece of fashion to put around my legs. There might even be a few guys who feel the way I do. For those guys out there, I know there is at least one thing that does help out during those cold months.

A neck left exposed to the biting winter cold can make the walk to the College of Liberal Arts feel like a march through the arctic. However, there is a solution. It has actually been around our necks the whole time simply waiting to “pop up.”

By popping the collar, students get the combined benefits of a warmer neck and a sense of style that can sometimes seem as lost as the summer sun. It only makes sense that this fashion statement is most notably found in the Northeast. Frostbite can set in quickly without the proper protection, but a scarf can sometimes clash with the shirt I might be wearing. Plus, I can always pop a collar over a jacket I might have on so I don’t have to worry about wearing a jacket without a collar.

When it gets especially cold out I am going to try wearing two or even three popped collars at one time. That should make it feel as though I have a space heater in my shirt. I had always felt more and more disheartened as we got deeper and deeper into the winter. However, I now realize I was just never properly prepared for those chilly days. Armed with this information I am hoping you will join me when I sip on piña coladas, virgin of course, all winter.

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