Sidewalks needed for a safer campus

Sharon Ng

Quinnipiac’s campus is beautiful. I don’t think any QU student can deny that. Besides the academics, the look of the campus was probably the reason why we all decided to come here. Three years later, as a junior, I still consider the campus beautiful. However, there is one thing about it that really bothers me.

Since I am a sociology major, most of my classes are in the College of Liberal Arts. When I was a freshman, I dreaded walking over there because it was so far away. While places like Tator Hall and the School of Communications took me less than 10 minutes to get to from my residence hall, the walk to the College of Liberal Arts took me considerably longer.

Now that I am a junior, I have gotten used to the distance. I just have to make sure I give myself enough time in the morning to get ready and get to my class on time. I have also realized that the distance was never really a problem. It is the fact that there is no sidewalk on Dorm Road en route to the College of Liberal Arts. There is a sidewalk on the opposite side of the road en route to Tator Hall but none on the other side of that road.

I have to walk in the street and try not to get run over by drivers who do not always yield to pedestrians. If there are two cars occupying the street, or the shuttle is driving by, I have to step onto the curb and walk in the dirt. It is not a problem when it’s sunny out. When it is raining, however, I find myself walking in mud, which is disgusting. Even if I can walk on the street when it is raining out, I still have to avoid being run over. Additionally, I have to dodge the puddles but I am usually unsuccessful.

It is even worse when it is snowing out. The pretty white stuff quickly turns into brown dirty slush that splashes and splatters as vehicles drive by. The roads becomes slick and slippery making it dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.

Being a sociology major requires that I have an internship in order to graduate. My internship is with the Alumni Association. Their faculty building is located on Hogan Road and there are no sidewalks there either, just the main road. Once again, I have to walk in the street and avoid being run over by cars or the shuttle. I have noticed that some cars drive way too close to me as they are passing by, no matter how far to the side of the road I try to be. It is even scarier than walking down Dorm Road because there are no speed bumps on Hogan Road. Cars can go as fast as they want to. There is a shortcut through the athletic fields that I can take. But then I would have to worry about being hit in the head with a ball by people playing a game of catch, or interrupting teams actually playing a game.

The street is for vehicles, not pedestrians. Pedestrians deserve a sidewalk. They should not have to share the road with automobiles. I strongly support the construction of sidewalks. It is a feasible request since on-going construction has become a part of the school’s visage. I don’t know how others would feel but I would feel much safer if they were installed.