‘Private Practice’ lacks entertainment and emotion


The next predicted ABC hit, “Private Practice,” is a spin-off of the ever popular “Grey’s Anatomy.” The main character of the show is Addison Montgomery, (Kate Walsh), who left Seattle Grace Hospital in “Grey’s” to live in California in order to have a more relaxed lifestyle. “I want to change my life,” Addison tells the chief of her former workplace, who promises to hold her position open for as long as possible.

Addison moves to a new office where she soon learns that she has no staff under her to take care of the dirty work. For the ladies, small screen veteran Amy Brenneman plays the role of Violet, the psychiatrist that second guesses her own motives, and Naomi, (Audra McDonald), the fertility specialist, plays Addison’s friend who introduced her to the possibility of joining the practice. And then there are the men. Cooper, (Paul Adelstein), acts as the pediatrician of the force, has little people skills and a very strong sex drive, Sam (Taye Diggs), who is Naomi’s ex-husband, and the head of Oceanside Practice, and Pete, (Tim Daly), the specialist in alternative methods who quickly makes a move to become Addison’s new love interest.

“Private Practice” is a more subtle and less emotional show than “Grey’s,” with a more positive aspect on the medical world. The fact that the chief offers to keep the position as head OB/GYN at Seattle Grace Hospital provides the viewer with hope that Addison will ditch “Private Practice” and return to “Grey’s Anatomy.”

The last 15 minutes of the show, though, is when “Private Practice” takes an emotional turn. A distressed mother realizes that her OCD-like instincts are rooted because she feels guilty for her son’s death. There are forced tears and weak acting overall, but the storylines as of late (a disturbing one about how a young girlfriend wants her dead older boyfriend’s sperm) don’t hook the audience in the way that “Grey’s Anatomy” does.

The show was generally a disappointment, and lacks the entertainment of “Grey’s”. Perhaps over a season or two, the plot may measure up, but for now it looks like Addison should have just stayed at Seattle Grace with her McDreamy and McSteamy.