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Editor Speaks Out: Jaclyn Hirsch

I never thought the process of transferring would be easy. I did, however, expect the administration to be accommodating.

We have all heard many nightmare stories from transfer students. Whether academic or social, the adjustment is not an easy one. Last spring, I transferred here from Mount Ida College, which is located in Newton, MA.

After being accepted by the university, there were many steps I needed to take in order to make a smooth transition. I spoke with the Dean of the School of Communications and together, we figured out which classes I needed to start with. I got in touch with financial aid to ensure my financial paperwork was up-to-date. Residential Life, however, was not as cooperative.

As I went home for winter break, I had no idea where I would be living come spring semester. I called several times and sent e-mails, requesting a response of some sort. The best answer I got was that I would be receiving something in the mail soon.

Residential Life did not send me my housing placement until about two weeks before the semester began. It was then I found out that I was placed in Whitney Village, an off-campus apartment complex located about a mile and a half from campus. I was not happy with this situation in the least.

Here I am, coming from 1000 miles away, not knowing a single person at QU, placed in off-campus housing without a chance to fit in. I was transferring mid-year which was already difficult enough, but Residential Life thought it would be a great idea to isolate all of the transfer students in an off-campus property.

How does it make any sense at all to place new students off campus? There is a reason that all freshmen live on campus their first year. Living on campus gives the students time to acclimate to their surroundings and get to know people other than those in their own building.

I tried to move onto campus but Residential Life told me countless times that there were no openings on campus and all transfers must live in Whitney Village. A week later, a girl who lived across the hall from me was moved onto campus. Glad to know that certain students get special treatment for whatever the reason may be.

After dealing with living off campus, they told us we couldn’t drive onto campus before 3:30 p.m. and that there is a shuttle provided to and from campus. We were told the shuttles would run every 10-15 minutes, but that was not always the case. Many times when the drivers take their lunch, the students in Whitney Village are forgotten about.

I just can’t understand how the school officials think it is a good idea to separate new students. I can see why they want to keep the transfers together, but why not keep some on-campus spots available for transfers and offer the off-campus property as junior or senior housing?

This year, the vacancies in Whitney Village are numerable. I wonder why.

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