Letter to the editor


As you all know, in the past few months there have been several incidents on campus that have offended students of diverse backgrounds. These include vandalism, misuse of language and hate crimes. Many students have been wondering what is being done about these situations. As President John Lahey stated in his letter to the campus, Quinnipiac has not, and will not tolerate these incidents. As the chair of the Student Diversity Board, I wanted to personally let the community know that the Student Diversity Board is working hard and diligently with administration, faculty, Student Government Association and students in several capacities regarding diversity issues. These methods include speaking to classes, meeting with faculty, deans and administrators, as well as putting on educational programs for the campus community.

The best way to have positive changes occur on campus is to start with oneself. I encourage all of you to take a stand. Together we can battle ignorance. No person at this university should feel unwelcome because of their religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or any other characteristic or tradition that makes us all unique individuals. If you have any questions about diversity issues, please contact the Student Diversity Board via Blackboard, or by e-mailing [email protected]