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Editor speaks out: Kendra Butters

As the great Peter Griffin of Family Guy once said, “Ya know what really grinds my gears?” Well, before I get into it, though, let me set the scene.

Moving into Hill for my junior year of college was an extremely exciting time for not only me, but also many of my roommates and friends. Hill is like a baby step into the real world for various reasons. You no longer have a meal plan so you have to cook for yourself in the kitchen provided. There is no one that comes to clean any part of your suite so everyone has to clean up after themselves. And you also have to take out all the trash on your own.

Another amenity of this luxurious Quinnipiac residence hall is the air conditioning, which I took full advantage of during the hot and sticky months at the end of summer.

But as I was taking the tour through my new home (MTV Cribs-style, no less) I stumbled upon quite possibly one of the worst architectural designs on the Quinnipiac campus: the bathroom stall doors.

For those not familiar with the layout of Hill, imagine an old western movie. There is always the classic scene of characters walking through saloon doors, which dramatically swing back and forth behind them – welcome to the bathroom stall. However, these doors have an approximate half inch gap right down the middle of them.

Now, this wouldn’t be much of a problem if the stalls were side-by-side. But in Hill, they are “thoughtfully” installed directly across from one another. This allows a direct view into the stall opposite you at any given moment.

Because of this, the privacy that stall doors are supposed to provide is completely gone. They should just as well have no doors at all. Or perhaps a more logical solution would be one large stall, since the current situation leaves for awkward encounters if both are occupied at the same time.

But I understand if Quinnipiac cannot afford to have proper doors installed. After all, freshmen this year are only paying $39,920. And returning students? They are merely paying $40,220. We all know wood at Home Depot is a little pricey. The university most certainly could not afford to fill in those gaps.

For now, Hill residents have to announce themselves each time they walk into the bathroom to avoid getting to know their roommates a little better than they would like.

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