Quick-fix meals for students

Rhiannon Adams

When students transition into college life, suddenly the comfort of mom’s cooking, a full refrigerator and an available kitchen are absent luxuries. So, how does the college individual find the time and resources to eat varied healthy and tasty meals?

Cafe Q and the Bobcat Den are great options. Students have an array of choices available to them. From burgers to quesadillas to subs, the dining halls offer delicious nourishment to hard-working students. They even provide alternatives to “fast-food-esque” choices. One will always note a long line of hungry students waiting at the “Culinary Table”, which generally serves some sort of meat with vegetable sides every night or “Mama Leones” (the hotspot for Italian cuisine).

“[The Culinary Table] reminds me of home cooked food because of the selection of sides that come with the main dish,” said Emma Banks, a sophomore physician assistant major.

But, have no fear if the meal plan is running low. Fellow diners have some excellent in-house options. Although the college student may not have the resources available to make a pot roast dinner, dorm dwellers can have their favorite quick and easy meals.

Microwavable mini-meals are a must for the average student, especially when living in a dormitory devoid of an easily accessible kitchenette.

Supermarkets have an assortment of “Just add water!” soup mixes and macaroni dishes.

As for frozen food, many are fans of Hot Pockets and frozen pizza for meals and ice cream and popsicles for dessert. But, microwavable options do not have to be store bought.

“When you travel home for the weekend, bring back home cooked leftovers to pop in the microwave for a healthy, quick fix,” said Patty Forgione, a senior marketing major.

Of course, one doesn’t want to run to the cafeteria every time he or she needs a little fix.

“Snacks are necessary. Granola bars, canned fruit, crackers, popcorn and juice boxes are perfect! When the line in the cafeteria is too long, you can just stay in your room and snack,” freshman broadcast journalism major Kwegyirba Croffie said.

If a sweet tooth starts aching, having candy or packaged cake-like treats in the room will kill any craving.

Other food necessities include bottled water, milk, pre-packaged snacks and fruit to grab quickly before class. Keeping fruit and vegetables like apples, oranges and carrot sticks in the fridge will not only last for a long time but they will keep students in the habit of eating healthy.

Each student could also buy a simple frying pan, pot and cooking utensils to both save money by cooking but also to begin to practice skills in the kitchen.

Another helpful purchase is an electronic kettle. Since Quinnipiac students are not allowed to possess coffee makers, the kettle is perfect to brew instant coffee and make hot chocolate when the winter weather hits.