The life of an…Associate Dean

Carole Ann Kinnaw

For the past 17 years Jean Blue has been an integral part of Quinnipiac University. As the associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and a professor of QU 101 and legal studies, Blue has helped the student body in more ways than one. Blue serves as a motivator and a stabilizing force for both her students and for the university as a whole.

Blue has a bachelor’s degree in history in addition to a law degree. She became an attorney for a short time, where she was a representative for the Hamden Town Council in the fourth district.

Blue has also worked at Quinnipiac as a legal studies professor starting in 1990. Because Blue is a diverse and accomplished individual, after a number of years of teaching at QU, she was offered the position of associate dean of liberal arts. This offer could not have come at a more perfect time as Blue’s two daughters were just beginning college. To Blue, this position seemed to be a great opportunity.

“It’s a very fun thing,” said Blue about her position, “and once you get more experience it becomes even better.”

Dean Blue is in charge of finding classrooms for each class in every major each semester. In addition, she works year round advising students about their education. She helps students figure out ways to fulfill their requirements to graduate, advises students on what courses to take if they are looking to complete a minor and also advises all liberal arts transfer students.

In addition to those responsibilities, Blue also teaches QU 101 every fall semester. When asked as to whether she likes teaching the QU 101 course, Blue replied rather eagerly. “A whole lot. It is just so different from anything else I have ever done.”

Her favorite part about the course is that she can learn about the diversity of all her students and get a small insight into their identity.

Upon leaving her class, Blue hopes her students will feel as though they are part of a strong knit community and that they have control over their own education.

“My favorite part about my job as the associate dean of liberal arts and as a professor is helping students,” Blue said. “I want them to be excited about their education. I want them to enjoy it, but most of all I want them to feel as though their education is a choice they make for themselves.”

According to Blue, one of the most important parts of college is for an individual to get out of it the most they possibly can.

Whether she is coordinating the schedules or is in the classroom herself teaching, Jean Blue is a staple of the Quinnipiac community.

She is dedicated, motivated and extremely helpful. Most importantly, Jean Blue serves as a stabilizing force for her students and the Quinnipiac community alike, and is an asset to the Quinnipiac academic mission.