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The life of a . . . SGA President

In a small office adorned with calendars, to-do lists, and a New York Rangers pennant sits the student government president, junior Sean Geary. As a political science major and philosophy minor from Bethel, Conn., Geary has been involved with Quinnipiac’s student government all three years.

The old saying, “third time is a charm” proves true in Geary’s case. He ran for freshman class president, to be elected freshman class representative. He then ran for sophomore class president and once again was elected representative. Instead of running for junior class rep, Geary decided to run for Student Government President and sure enough, he won.

Almost one month into his official position, Geary said, “I absolutely love it.”

Student government president is not the only leadership role Geary has held. As a busy and ambitious student he also is a resident assistant, an orientation leader, and is a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Geary emphasizes that his role as president is “really, really different than any other position I have ever held, or been involved with.”

As much as he enjoys his current position, it was not an easy decision, or transition to the seat at the head of student government.

“I was very conflicted. To me, running was me growing up, and thinking of things from a professional point of view,” Geary said.

Running against his two best friends was not an easy task for him either.

“I did not know if I was ready. But I realized, you never can be ready for a position like this. You learn as you go,” he said.

Learning and leading is precisely what Geary does on a daily basis. Aside from his responsibilities as president, Geary also takes a full course load of demanding classes. Even with a full course load and responsibilities to his fraternity, he remains optimistic, driven and ready for whatever his next challenge may be.

“I want to make sure whoever comes after me has an easier time, and can do it better,” said Geary of his possible sucessors. But what about next year?

“I would absolutely love to run for re-election for next semester,” Geary said. “But my goal is to get through this year first.”

Geary acknowledges that next year is not his main focus at this time.

“I just want to make sure that the student body voices are represented as best as they possibly can be,” he said.

For this, Geary and his other executives closely interact and acknowledge any student concerns voiced on their site,

Aside from checking and working hard to provide the student body with an outlet for concerns, complaints or suggestions, Geary and the other members of SGA have become close friends.

“It has become my social life, the people I work with have become my best friends,” Geary said. “They are the people I hangout with all the time, after meetings and stuff it’s us who always hangout.”

What else might his social life entail?

“I don’t drink, and that is a personal decision. I have been involved in SGA and other organizations since I came here, and I have fun in other ways,” he said.

As far as the position of president affecting his personality or interactions, Geary said, “I don’t believe positions should change people, but experiences do. The people I have met and come in contact with have definitely changed me, my perspectives and such.”

According to Geary, at the end of the day when he returns to his dorm to do work, hangout, or relax and watch a Rangers game, “I’m the same kid I was as a freshman, just a little more organized.”

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