‘Chuck’ rakes in laughs

Nicole Pappas

“Good Luck Chuck”: Humor, romance, sex appeal, and America’s No. 1 one comedy in its first week of release. The film, starring Dane Cook and actress Jessica Alba was received well by audiences, though critics were not nearly as impressed. Since when did viewers care about the critics’ opinion anyway?

“Good Luck Chuck” takes the romantic comedy to a different level. The typical witty one-liners and awkward situations of a romantic comedy are replaced with a series of vulgar yet funny jokes and a series of raunchy yet once again funny visuals. The film’s most obvious flaw lies in those disgusting scenes. There was the seemingly never-ending scene of Chuck’s sexual endeavors in every position, from every angle and in every possible setting. The depths to which these scenes went, were not essential to the plotline and could have been left out.

Cook plays dentist Dr. Charlie Logan who has never had much luck with women. His inability to commit and say those three important words has always pushed his girlfriends away. When a former girlfriend gets married and thanks Charlie for being her “lucky charm,” news spreads fast that he has a special way with women. Since high school, every woman who Charlie has had sex with has found their soul mate in the person who they dated immediately after Charlie. Charlie’s best friend Stu (Dan Folger) convinces Charlie that he will be doing the women of the world a service by helping out all of the women who have been coming to him in hopes of finding their soul mate. For a bachelor, this appears to be God’s greatest gift, until Charlie finds himself falling for a girl he does not want to lose, the clumsy yet irresistible Cam Wexler (Alba).

“Good Luck Chuck” has the capacity to be a funny film for all. Women can enjoy Cook’s surprisingly chiseled body while men can ogle the flawless Alba. For those who can get past the films raunchiness, they will spend 96 minutes laughing at the most awkward of situations all the while wondering how this story could possibly have a typical happy ending.

Our Rating (out of 5): 3