Dorm room must-haves

Brian Jacobson

Although the average dorm room can get dull, with a fridge, microwave, TV or futon, there are ways to spruce up a dorm room with some new gadgets.

An overlooked item students may not think to bring to school is the TiVo, a hard drive-based video recorder that can record video from a cable signal. TV junkies will not go a day without recording something, and now students won’t miss a show because of night class or late meetings.

Although a TiVo will work on campus, it will have additional fees. The machine does not come with a wireless adapter to download program guide information off the network. Thus, students will have to pay to get an in-dorm phone activated or spend $50 to download program information through dial up.

But don’t forget a video game system for the room. In the last two years, all three of the big names in the video console business, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, have put out the next generation systems.

Freshman Henry Fernandez likes the Nintendo Wii saying “I like to be active and creative.” In the coming months, the Wii will have three of its biggest releases: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. All are sure to incorporate the Wii Remote in different ways.

Another crowd favorite is Microsoft’s XBOX 360. The successor to the original XBOX features HD graphics and a hard drive (on most models). Tuesday, Sept. 25 marked the release of arguably the most hyped up game ever, Halo 3. With an intense multiplayer mode it is sure to be a fun game to play in the dorms.

Finally, what dorm is complete without a pimped out TV? Wal-Mart in Hamden is selling flat panel TVs for a very reasonable price. Upgrade that old boxy TV with something to play an HD XBOX 360 on.

Adding technology to a dorm room is an easy way to make a once boring room, the new place for everyone to hang out.