QU holds off on new additions and improvements

Brooke Elder

Construction to widen Dorm Road and cafeteria re-construction have both been postponed until next summer due to the continued work on the new Village IV residence halls.

“We didn’t feel we could complete the building of Village IV residence halls and Dorm Road at the same time because of the trouble with vehicular access. We need to be sure we can get emergency vehicles in without any problems,” said Joe Rubertone, associate vice president for facilities administration.

Dorm Road will be widened from the vicinity of the new Health and Wellness Center through the end of Troup residence halls. The Health and Wellness Center will be relocating to a building across the street near the library within the next week or two.

According to Rubertone, the area between the dorms has not been updated since 1984 and it “needs to be refreshed.” The project will begin after commencement and will be completed before students return to campus in the fall.

The $10 million renovation project for Quinnipiac’s Caf