Student organization offices on the move?

Kaitlyn Yeager

Student organization offices may soon be relocated from the Carl Hanson Student Center to the Recreation Center.

Student Government Association President Sean Geary, a junior political science major, stated that plans to move the current student center to the Rec Center are, to his knowledge, in existence. He was unable to give a time frame in which to expect this move.

“Eventually, the university has made the decision to move the location of the student center now to the Rec Center,” Geary said. “That’s the decision right now as far as I know, though all decisions are subject to change.”

Plans to relocate the student center are related to the recently delayed plans to renovate and expand the cafeteria, according to Geary.

“I know they’re going to expand the second floor of the cafeteria and somehow connect it to the second floor of the current student center,” he said.

Geary also stated that the student government’s priorities lie in making sure that the conversion is as easy as possible for all the students that will be affected, and that the switch is as complete and efficient as possible.

“Our goal is to make sure everything student oriented gets over there, and to make sure that transition happens,” he said.

According to Geary, all official campus organizations will have the opportunity to relocate to the Rec Center as part ofs the switch.

“As the SGA, we’re making sure all recognized student organizations will have a space there and that it’s the best it possibly can be for student life,” Geary said.

The SGA is aiming to make sure that student concerns are addressed as much as possible, especially whenever students may be affected by university decisions such as this relocation of the student center.

“We’re making sure the student voice is being represented when decisions affecting student life are made,” Geary said.