North Lot much improved

Kaitlyn Yeager

The repaving of North Lot has certainly made parking better. It feels safer to drive down the lot because the lanes on the sides have been widened, allowing two cars to fit comfortably. Previously, if you were driving down the lane and saw another car coming, you would often have to pull down another row of cars to avoid an accident. Now, even if other cars are driving a little too fast, or if a car comes unexpectedly out from a row of cars, you have room to avoid being hit.

Turning the parallel parking spaces on the side into normal spaces also makes it easier to park, and it increases the number of spots available along the sides of the parking lot. This is especially useful for those of us who sometimes have difficulty parallel parking. It also prevents people from taking up too much space by parallel parking too far from another vehicle. However, while both of these changes are good, I feel that the best change to the setup of the parking lot was the rotating of the spots on the far side of the lot. Because they now face horizontally with Mt. Carmel, you can drive down toward that end of the lot and just pull into the first available space. Before the repaving, you would have to go up and down row after row in order to find a free spot. The new spot placement makes it quicker and easier to find a spot, and to remember where you are parked. I have not yet had any problems with the new parking; I find that it meets my needs as a commuter much better and more conveniently than the old layout of the parking lot did.