Editor Speaks Out: Sharon Ng, Opinion Editor

Sharon Ng

Although it’s only the third week of classes, I already feel overwhelmed. Surprisingly, it’s not my six classes that are making me stressed out. It’s my extra-curricular activities.

I am the opinion editor of The Chronicle and secretary of the Asian Pacific Island Student Association (ASPA). Just thinking of having to send out mass emails informing members about meetings and upcoming events is enough to make me cringe.

Some of my responsibilities as one of the editors of The Chronicle include making sure staff writers submit their articles on time, going to staff and editorial board meetings, having an office hour, and going into the office on Friday afternoons to lay out my pages so they can be sent for publication. It is also my job to distribute the paper when it comes out each Wednesday to “points” on campus. And since I am the secretary of APSA, sending out emails is my main job. It is also my responsibility to reserve rooms for meetings and events. On top of all that, I also have a part-time job, an internship, and have to find time to actually get my homework done.

I am not complaining though. Although it is difficult to juggle everything at once and also find some time to relax, I have learned that it’s an experience I will never forget. Because I am so involved, I have met so many interesting people and formed some very invaluable relationships. Whenever I find myself in a rut, I know someone will be able to get me out. If I have any questions about anything, there are at least a few people I know who can answer them for me. If I just need someone to talk to, I know I have someone to turn to. It is reassuring knowing I have such a strong support network of people with interests and passions similar to mine. It is also a good feeling knowing I can be there if someone needs me. If nothing else, it is just nice being able to speak up about what is on my mind and be heard.

I really encourage people to get involved on campus. Keep yourself busy but do not bite off more than you can chew. I have learned this the hard way but being so busy makes me really appreciate those small precious moments when I actually get to relax. Whenever I do find the time in my crazy schedule to indulge myself, I love watching movies. I try to enjoy that for as long as possible before I have to get back to work.