Big brother is watching

Brittany Boyer

Freshmen begin to adjust after the first few weeks of college and some even begin to call Quinnipiac home. But the resemblance of home may happen all too quickly for a select few who attend the same university as their older sibling.

Ken McHugh, a freshman at Quinnipiac, is one of these exceptions.

His older brother John influenced his decision to go here. “He’s a senior, so I had already visited the campus a lot to see him and had heard all of the good things he had to say about the school,” McHugh said.

Freshman Matt McLaughlin thought he would never go to the same college as his siblings. McLaughlin has two older brothers, Mike and Mark, who also attend Quinnipiac.

“It didn’t really play a part in me making the decision to go here,” McLaughlin said. “I liked the school for my own reasons and decided to go here regardless of if my brothers went here or not.”

This is not to say that McLaughlin doesn’t enjoy his brothers’ presence.

“It ended up being a good thing that they’re here. I can always call them and ask them random questions like the number for Domino’s, where Health Services is, or the hours of the caf