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    Technology101: what you need this fall

    In the last few months there has been a huge showing of new gadgets and gizmos to get everyone excited. Whether it’s cell phones or mp3 players, there is a lot to keep busy throughout the school year.

    While it’s not time for the iPhone to move over just yet, Motorola’s RAZR2 is a refreshing update to the original RAZR.

    In fact, the RAZR2 is thinner than the original RAZR because it loses the antenna bump at the bottom.

    In addition, it has a display on the front which allows for the control of music on the touch screen while the phone is closed.

    The updated phone is now faster and the camera has also been upgraded to two megapixels.

    The RAZR2 is currently available through Verizon Wireless, Sprint, AT&T and soon T-Mobile.

    Another great product on the market is the iPhone. Though it is not as hard to find now, it is still one of the hottest phones for sale.

    The iPhone offers various multimedia features including a full touch screen iPod, a 2.0 megapixel camera, and visual voicemail.

    It is also good for business with features like email, a full HTML web browser, stocks, and a calendar.

    On September 5, Apple announced major updates for the iPhone. Most appealing, the price on the 8GB model was reduced by $200.

    Furthermore, Apple introduced a custom iTunes ringtone creator. They also added a wi-fi music store, allowing music to be purchased directly on the iPhone while on a wireless network.

    Apple also updated the iPod nano with a new tagline, “A little video for everyone.”

    And when they say little, they mean little.

    Though the new nano has a two-inch screen, it is as skinny as it’s predecessor, just shorter and wider.

    The nano now features the new iPod interface, which can also be found on the new iPod classic.

    The interface has a classic iPod style on one side of the screen, and floating cover art from albums or videos on the other side.

    Motorola vs. Apple: who will come out on top?

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