Students gather on sixth anniversary of 9/11

Jaclyn Hirsch

It was dark and dreary on Tuesday, September 11th 2007, the sixth anniversary of the attacks on our nation. Although six years have past, the sadness and emotional pain have not lessened.
The school asked for a moment of silence from everyone during the day as the bells rang through the quad in honor of those who were lost. The candlelight vigil held at 9:11 that evening brought the campus together to remember and mourn the tragedy.
“It was just so moving to see so many people take time out of their night to stand together and support one another. The readings were so moving and induced everyone around me, as well as myself, to tears,” explained Alexandra Capotorto, a junior from New York who lost four family friends on the day of the attacks, including three firemen.
“It’s just a day no one should ever forget. It was one of those things where you could have been standing next to a stranger, but because you attend the same school, and because of the situation, you took comfort in one another, no questions asked,” she said.
Sophomore Jessica Sares from Massachusetts felt the unity of the campus was important and helped get her through the day.
“I think it was so important for the entire community to take the time out of their day to reflect. Six years later, I can still remember where I was the morning of the attacks, and how my family, friends, and I felt watching the horrible images on television,” Sares said.
Even after some years have passed, the students remain united to keep the spirit of those lost alive.