Lawn party at Law School

Brian Stevenson

All that was missing was a few lawn chairs, a cooler and Dave Matthews Band. That was the feeling I had as I drove my ’98 Camry onto the beautiful green grass of the Law School lawn last Tuesday morning.

Like a scene straight out of a DMB concert, Quinnipiac security guards served as traffic control officers for the day, directing hundreds of cars into neat rows outside of the Law School.

You may recall last year when the WQAQ radio tower was abruptly removed because it was not aesthetically pleasing. Well is there anything less aesthetically pleasing than lines of cars on the lawn adjacent to Mt. Carmel Ave. as you approach campus? Didn’t think so.

Five minutes earlier on the other side of campus, I entered the carousel that was Hogan Lot. All were in search of one of those precious spots a mere 15 minutes away from their destination, a Quinnipiac University classroom.

And I dare not enter North Lot, especially when the “Lot Full, Use Hogan Lot” sign looms at the entrance, warning me of the chaos that lies behind the Security Gate.

While it is clear the school has taken steps to alleviate the problem, it is obvious there is still more to be done. The new, longer rows in North Lot added at least a few dozen spots, but it seems others were taken away. Lines of cars still stretch down Mount Carmel during the afternoon as people countdown the minutes till their class begins.

Personally, I have taken the necessary precautions in order to get myself to class on time. But some don’t have the ability to arrive on campus 20 minutes before class. Others have a longer commute or have traffic and other circumstances outside their control to worry about.

Until more changes made, I guess we had better get used to it. Maybe next time I will head over a few hours early and pack a cooler.