Local Hot Spots: Maison Mathis

Aliza Gray

[media-credit id=2215 align=”alignright” width=”228″][/media-credit]Nestled in the heart of downtown New Haven, Maison Mathis’ classic brick front exterior invites you in. The tiny metal tables outside, filled to capacity with smiling couples devouring the food and coffee in front of them, let you know that you’ve found a great spot. Upon entering, you’re suddenly not jealous of your friend’s study abroad Instagrams. The uniquely-tiled floor, ornate decor and a proudly displayed Belgium flag makes you feel as if you’ve just stumbled into a little café off some side street in Brussels. The expansive menu, displayed on an expertly-decorated chalkboard, offers something for everyone. Whether you’re there for breakfast or lunch, Maison Mathis’ menu has something that’s sure to satisfy any craving, equipped with everything from oatmeal to egg sandwiches, to soups and salads. The cafe is a health nut’s paradise, offering wholesome tofu and avocado wraps and a wide selection of healthful smoothies. Those of us with a sweet tooth need not worry; Maison Mathis is well known for its freshly-made waffles which come smothered in your with your choice of strawberries, maple syrup or chocolate. If it’s just a caffeine pick-me-up you’re looking for, this is just the place; Maison Mathis will whip up any coffee concoction you’re after. If you choose to sit and sip your drink there, it’ll be served in Maison Mathis’ trademark mug. With a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere, scrumptious menu and friendly staff, one visit to Maison Mathis will make you want to become a regular. Whether you’re looking for a spot to grab lunch, get some studying done or just relax with a cup of coffee and pastry (or two), Maison Mathis is a must go. – A. Gray