Soldier: Iraq ‘much improved’

Lemore Hecht

In the midst of the media reporting the current events in Iraq, many soldiers’ voices are being lost.

Just four years ago, the nation decided as a whole to go to war with Iraq in order to take down its government, led by dictator Saddam Hussein. The threat that Iraq held is now gone, however soldiers are still fighting the war on terror overseas. With that in mind, the soldiers’ opinions and feelings are being skewed by the news media.

Corporal Kosta Vathianakis, a Marine stationed in Iraq, recently voiced his feelings on the current situation in Iraq.

Many of our nation’s citizens find their own reasons to support or protest the war. One thing Vathianakis wants people to know is the presence of the military in Iraq is crucial.

“We are doing our best to help [the Iraqis], protect them as well as ourselves, and make their country a free and prosperous one,” Vathianakis said.

“We need their cooperation as well as their motivation to take control and carry on our progress for themselves.”

The most difficult part of understanding the current situation is the idea of this war being atypical.

“[This] is a war on terrorism, and terrorism can pop up anywhere and at any time. There is no battlefield, no immediate enemy,” Vathianakis said.

When it comes to the media’s affect on the nation’s opinion, Vathianakis said the ability to edit is very powerful.

“The media naturally has an obligation to show the events happening here,” Vathianakis said. “However, it also has a need for ratings.”

Vathianakis wants people to know that what you see on television is not what you should focus on. He said this is a war and unfortunately people will die, but that is not solely what the media should cover.

“The purpose of the war is to stop terrorism at the source, but there are many fine lines we have to walk on,” Vathianakis said. “Sometimes lines are crossed and these situations are very touchy but these scandals have become quite the hysteria and they take the focus off the purpose of this war.”

Another thing Vathianakis is concerned about pertaining to the media is the presentation of the positive things.

“The media doesn’t give the equal attention to the prospering and good that has been accomplished [in Iraq],” he said.

“There are still many obstacles to overcome, but overall, [Iraq] has improved greatly from what it was when we first came here.”

*The views and opinions expressed in this interview are solely based on the individual themselves. The following is no official statement whatsoever involving the U.S. Armed Forces, U.S. Government, Department of Defense or any affiliated governments or corporations. The quoted source claims all liabilities on themselves as a human being and a citizen.