Album Review: Dinosaur Jr. | “Beyond”

Heather Rudow

Why it rocks: After a decade-long hiatus, alternative noise rockers Dinosaur Jr. make a strong return with their latest album, “Beyond.” The trio had their heyday in the late ’80s and mid-’90s with underground hits such as “Bring the Pain,” but fizzled out by 1997. Back with original bassist Lou Barlow, who left the band in 1989, Dinosaur Jr. has breathed new life into their sound without completely changing it. Though “Beyond” runs the risk of becoming monotonous, each song can stand on its own two legs. Think Pixies and Pavement, but with more melodic guitar riffs. Laced with catchy bass-lines and head-bopping melodies, there’s no question that Dinosaur Jr. have reclaimed their title as the Kings of College Alternative.

Song worth downloading: “Crumble”

Our rating (out of 5): * * * *