Bobcat Sweep


Quinnipiac’s Citizen Leaders have found a new way to deal with all of your “stuff” for move-out time at the end of the year. The introduction of the first ever Bobcat Sweep will take place finals week with the help of other school organizations. We will be accepting things such as quilts, appliances, kitchenware, furniture, etc. We ask that donations are in reasonably good and clean condition. What better way to deal with getting rid of your things at the end of the year than donating them? The Bobcat Sweep will fix the hassle of shoving an oversized futon into the trunk of your car or cramming a refrigerator into your backseat.

The Citizen Leaders think there is a much brighter alternative to throwing out furniture and appliances because they are too much of an annoyance to bring home. Non-profit charity organizations will come to campus to collect items and then distribute these items to the less fortunate in the Greater Hamden/New Haven area. In addition, relationships with Quinnipiac and the Hamden community will strengthen through this noteworthy cause.

The week-long collection will take place during finals week with the main location for you to drop off your “stuff” being the elevated area in the Complex courtyard. After this happens, Citizen Leaders, along with other campus volunteers, will take care of the rest.

Donations are welcome from any where, even students living off campus, but our central focus for collection are Larson, Perlroth, Troup, Village and Hill residence halls. The Citizen Leaders hope to make this project one that it will continue to develop for many more years, so please help us make the first amazing. More information for the Bobcat Sweep will be provided as this date approaches and communication will take place to clarify the items certain rooms will be donating. Any questions? E-mail [email protected]