Album Review: Anais Mitchell | “The Brightness”

Kendra Butters

Why it doesn’t rock: “The Brightness” is the Righteous Babe debut for Anais Mitchell. The indie/folk style and childlike voice of Mitchell works on some songs, but quickly gets old in others.

Mitchell’s voice sounds like a bad show tune singer attempting to sing indie style songs in a coffee shop on open mic night. Though her sound cannot be compared to another artist, it does not work for the 25-year-old New Haven native.

“Of a Friday Night,” the second track off the album, is Mitchell’s strongest on the 11-track disc. However, the dramatic piano and depressing lyrics sound as if it belongs in a Broadway play.

Overall, “The Brightness” showcases Mitchell’s ability to sing on stage in front of large audiences – on Broadway, that is.

Song worth downloading: “Of a Friday Night”

Our rating (out of 5): * 1/2