QU Quiz: Did Spring Break put you in a slump?


1.You are back from Spring Break and your outlook on school is:
a.More than half over!
b.You could care less.
c.You are just finally getting into your

2.The one class you used to dread going to you now:
a.Still dread going to it.
b.Don’t even go anymore
c.Are starting to enjoy.

3.You favorite thing about school now is:
a.That the weather is starting to get nicer
b.That it’s half over
c.That you are doing well in your classes.

4.The number of classes you’ve skipped since Spring Break is:
a. Just a couple
b. More than I attended
c. Zero. Why waste money?

Mostly A’s
Your attitude about school is basically the same as before.

Mostly B’s
Spring Slump
You are counting down the weeks to summer to be done with school! Classes just seem torturous now and all you want to do is sleep. Don’t worry- only 6 more weeks!

Mostly C’s
Better than before
Your attitude has improved over break. Maybe the nicer weather is having a good affect on you!