Advancing an idea through media bias

Jeremy Wiss

“Trump.” His name itself has become a politically-loaded word. Within a few months of being in office he has become one of the least-approved presidents in the history of this country.

There is only one reason why this is important. Reason being, it is completely unwarranted. This man has driven our country into an economic prosperity the world has never seen.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has reached its record high under his administration. This average is one of the most respected gauges on how our economy is doing. It is impossible to argue against the fact that CNN and MSNBC would be all over this if it were Obama having this same success.

Trump’s approval rating is nothing but the product of a liberal media brainwashing Americans into believing Trump is an illegitimate president. They have been searching for any reason to delegitimize his presidency from before its existence. This began the day he became a presidential candidate.

News outlets began ridiculing him and drilling into people’s minds that he has zero shot at a serious presidential bid. These same organizations created a Russian interference hysteria, they report on him in only a negative lens and have defended or outright ignored all of Hillary Clinton’s illegal and immoral actions.

I have personally worked for CBS News. I have a legitimate claim at judging news outlets. I have had face time with pundits such as Bob Schieffer and John Dickerson. I have walked on the floor of the Republican National Convention speaking with all walks of prominent figures and attended Trump’s Inauguration.

What people have to realize is that reporters are not the people making the news. It sounds counterintuitive, but it is true. News pundits read what producers put on the teleprompter and convey the thoughts of others.

This real-life conclusion dawned on me when I was on set with Bob Schieffer at the RNC. Hours before there was a small faction on the floor that wanted to block Trump’s nomination. I would say around 20 delegates. It caused an uproar on the floor. Reince Preibus, who was the chair of the RNC, defused the situation within a half hour. Three hours go by and everyone on the floor is united with Trump. Everyone is waving Trump signs or wearing his hats. It was certain that everyone there stood behind him.

While this was going on it was being reported that the faction against Trump is growing and may cost him the nomination. It dawned on me at that second. News outlets tell lies to further their own agenda.

To be fair, this occurs at all news outlets. It happens at those that lean left and right. This is not a problem that people should overlook. These outlets supply millions of people with all of their information in regards to politics and life on a daily basis. They should report facts, not bias. We rely on what they report, and even worse we believe it.

America has what I would call a bias-run media. It is similar to a state-run media. The difference being that instead of the state running them, bias runs it. The truth is not reported and this should be extremely frightening.

We face extremely dangerous threats from nuclear powered countries. It has come to a point where it is no joke. Nuclear weapons are a power that can end the world much faster and nastier than climate change. But, don’t  get me wrong, climate change may be real. Fossil fuels are undoubtedly dirty. Even if they aren’t causing the planet to warm we should still wean America off of them.

With that said, Trump is not a perfect person. Some of his decisions are not the best. But, he has quickly become a blessing for this country. An example of a decision that wasn’t the greatest was his decision on DACA. I have sat down with two DACA members. They are great people and deserve all the world offers. They are just as American as you or I. Reason being, they love this country, and they want to work to make it better.

His decision is not as detrimental as people say it is. He has given Congress the authority to make the final decision. After all, isn’t legislating Congress’ job? He may be attempting to fulfill a campaign promise or he may be deciding from what he truly believes. Illegal immigration is surely an important issue, but removing the most productive and helpful of the undocumented people is not a place to start.

Start with the small group that may be committing crimes, not the ones doing the exact opposite. DACA members are not what he has portrayed other illegal people to be. They are not criminals. They are legitimate people trying to get an education and make it in the world. DACA is not the place to start in combating illegal immigration.

I am a Republican. I am sure it has been made quite evident. I am the President of the Quinnipiac College Republicans. We, as an organization invite all kinds of political debate. In fact, we look forward to it. We respect all opinions, but we only believe the truth. We have needed a president that understands the world we live in. It is a dangerous place, and ensuring our military is equipped must be a priority.